Of all the services we provide, locksmithing is the only thing that we do not actually do. It is a very specialized industry and we go the extra length in making sure that the locksmith we recommend on one of our jobs has a proven track record of quality service at a good value.

Locksmiths from the very beginning of time have the inalienable task of not only keeping ahead of the lock pickers, but being a top notch lock picker themselves. No profession requires the technician to work both sides of the industry as the locksmith.

Tumbling type locks go back over 4000 years and were first used by the Egyptians. Even then, they figured out that having a security token aka two factor authentication was essential in combating the never ending pursuit of lock pickers, it was not until the industrial revolution era that produced the lock as we know it today.

Our locksmith partners primarily provide new lock mechanisms for new door installations, but also provide other services such as re-keying and duplicate keys made for existing locks, door knobs and dead bolts. Always keep an extra key hidden in the event of lost keys.
Locksmith - 24 Hour Emergency Service - Re-Keys

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